Wireless Mobile Agent Systems

Damien Martin-Guillerez
(INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest SED)


Swarm Intelligence is major trend in current researches. It leverages the collaboration of several simple entities (e.g., robots) to emerge a global intelligent behavior. Such systems are called Multi-Agent Systems. A direct application of Multi-Agent Systems are Multi-Robot systems where simple robots work together towards a global task (e.g., exploration). In the previous year, we have been working on a specific model of Multi-Agent Systems in which agents are equipped with short-range communication media. We called this model Wireless Mobile Agent System.In this presentation, we will present the general field of Swarm Intelligence and the Wireless Mobile Agent System model. We will discuss formal and simulation methods to work on such systems. We will also discuss the work already done to create a compositional programming framework for multi-agent systems. We will finish our presentation by identifying the main research locks to remove before such a compositional programming framework can be constructed.


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