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Autonomic Management is becoming an increasingly important success factor in handling the growing complexity of modern computer systems, which must face increasingly conflicting demands in terms of scalability, energy usage and cost of ownership. Solutions that provide Autonomic Management capabilities remain, however, difficult to design, develop and maintain. An important reason is that such solutions require a mixture of skills and expertise from various domains: the managed application's domain, the Autonomic Management domain and the Software Engineering domain. This is particularly true when dealing with autonomic systems that must attain multiple administrative objectives; must scale to large numbers of heterogeneous and distributed resources; and must guarantee certain performance, dependability and manageability properties. This difficulty has been further compounded in recent years by the need to include sustainability - the ability of computer systems to control and limit their environmental impact and in particular minimise their energy consumption - as a first-class design goal of modern large-scale computer systems.

The MAASC workshop aims at gathering participants from both the academia and the industry for discussing recent and innovative propositions in this domain. The workshop welcomes contributions that apply to a large range of IT domains, spanning from pervasive systems to grid, clustered and cloud computing systems.